Vertical shooter demoThe Stencyl Game Programming Specialist certification program is design to assess and accredite essential mastery of the fundamental principles, techniques, and skills required to develop and program various genre of computer games using the Stencyl game engine and toolset. Emphasis is laid on core game logic programming skills such as:

  • Character controls
  • Advanced animation handling and switching
  • Working with attributes and lists
  • Creating game rules, game game mechanics, and game play through the visual programming language of Stencyl.
  • Creating Finite State Machines using conditional logic (if statements).
  • Creating and Destroying actors in game.
  • Implementing Graphical User Interfaces and Heads Up Displays.

Individual Registration

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Multi-seat Registration

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To prepare, learners should complete modules 1,2 and 4, available on the learning portal.

Exam Standards

  1. Understand core game design concepts such as: gameplay, game elements, game mechanics, and prototyping.
  2. Understand software development life cycle and iterative design process.
  3. Understand Stencyl game development environment.
  4. Understand game setup concepts for different platforms.
  5. Create scenes with tilesets.
  6. Create actors and other objects with animations, predefined control, and customized methods.
  7. Implement collision mechanism for actors, groups, and tilesets.
  8. Create number and text variables and apply random or incremental numbers.
  9. Implement gravity, velocity, acceleration and other physics on scenes.
  10. Develop User Interface, user interactions, and Heads Up Display.
  11. Develop user initiated events for computer, internet, and mobile applications.
  12. Apply movement control with computer or mobile applications.
  13. Implement various camera behaviors and aesthetic graphical effects.
  14. Implement advanced collision, destruction, and obstacle interaction techniques.
  15. Create state and score tracking systems.
  16. Create menu, button, and level selection scenes.
  17. Manipulate sound files (MP3 and OGG) for different sound effects and background music.
  18. Apply software development and debugging techniques.
  19. Understand game marketing, licensing, pricing, privacy, security, and intellectual property issues.
  20. Understand monetization strategies and methods.
  21. Understand user analysis, needs analysis, and diversity in game design process.
  22. Apply game publishing skills for various channels and platforms.

The Certificate – Stencyl Game Programming Specialist

Upon completion of the exam, each successful student will be issued an official, high resolution, printer friendly certificate, such as the sample below: