The Stencyl Game Programming Expert certification program (Available Q3 2017) is design to assess and accredite essential mastery of the fundamental principles, techniques, and skills required to program various genre of computer games using the Stencyl game engine and toolset.

To prepare, learners should complete module 6, available on the learning portal. Visit our booking page to order an exam for either of the available testing periods.

Exam Standards

  1. Apply core game design concepts
    such as: gameplay, game elements, game mechanics, and prototyping.
  2. Evaluate software development
    life cycle and iterative design process.
  3. Apply game design concepts in
    Stencyl environment.
  4. Evaluate predefined controls, customized
    methods, and API in game development.
  5. Apply collision mechanism for
    actors, groups, and tilesets.
  6. Evaluate global and local
    variables and random in game programming.
  7. Analyze gravity, velocity,
    acceleration and other algebra-based physics in game programming.
  8. Understand calculus-based physics
    in game programming.
  9. Analyze user interface and event
    techniques for different platforms and devices.
  10. Analyze various camera behaviors
    and aesthetic graphical effects.
  11. Evaluate advanced collision,
    destruction, and obstacle interaction techniques.
  12. Analyze state and score tracking
    systems and AI.
  13. Evaluate menu, button, and level
    selections algorithm.
  14. Analyze software development and
    debugging techniques.
  15. Evaluate game marketing,
    licensing, pricing, privacy, security, and intellectual property issues.
  16. Apply project management skills
    in game programming.
  17. Evaluate game publishing strategies
    and techniques for various channels and platforms.

The Certificate – Stencyl Game Programming Expert

Upon completion of the exam, each successful student will be issued an official, high resolution, printer friendly certificate, such as the sample below: