The Stencyl Game Design Specialist certification program is designed to assess and accredit essential mastery of the fundamental principles, techniques, and skills required to design various genres of computer games using the Stencyl game engine and toolset. Emphasis is laid on core game design skills such as:

  • Level design
  • Working with audio
  • Working effectively with actor types and animations
  • Using the visual programming language in Stencyl to create behaviors which demonstrate knowledge of core programming concepts such as datatypes, variable, and functions, as well as an ability to put them to use in an effective and pragmatic manner.

Individual Registration

If you are an individual looking to take the course and exam yourself, you can register and join the course directly through PayPal here.

Multi-seat Registration

If you are looking to make a bulk purchase for your school/organization/class, then please

Visit our booking page to order as many exam seats as you require. Access to the courseware and exam will be granted commensurate the number of purchased seats.

To prepare, learners should complete modules 1,2 and 3, available on the learning portal.

Exam Standards

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of game
    genres and gameplay elements.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of game
    mechanics, storyboarding, control systems, and aesthetics (visual style,
    narrative, and audio).
  3. Understand game design process: planning/conceptualizing,
    prototyping, implementing, and testing.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of Stencyl
    installation, registration and game environment.
  5. Apply character design,
    animation, movement, rotation, mouse interactions and user input.
  6. Apply variables and random
    variables in character creations.
  7. Apply understanding of gravity
    and physics (velocity, acceleration, and inertia) in game design.
  8. Apply knowledge of geometry and
    trigonometry in character and scene design.
  9. Apply algebra in character
    motions and movements.
  10. Demonstrate ability to develop
    game mechanics using visual programming concepts:

    • Creating events
    • Methods (Custom events and
    • Flow control (if statements and
    • Behavior library
    • User Interface
  11. Demonstrate knowledge of advanced
    scripting techniques in creating such functionality as:

    • Basic AI
    • Camera control
    • Collision detection
    • Boundary control
    • Real-time actor spawning
    • Handling and switching between
      avatar and game states.
  12. Explore advanced AI applications
    in game design.
  13. Create time-based,
    collision-based, and score-based destructible environment and game over.
  14. Analyze and implement game rules.
  15. Explore bug testing techniques.
  16. Understand fundamentals of game
    publishing, including platforms and formats (Windows, iOS, Android etc).

The Certificate – Stencyl Game Design Specialist

Upon completion of the exam, each successful student will be issued an official, high resolution, printer friendly certificate, such as the sample below: