The Interactive Assessment Institute is proud to host the official Stencyl exam and certification program, brought to you by Stencyl LLC, in conjunction with CMG Academy. In addition to our certification program, we also offer free courseware packages to teachers and schools preparing their students for the Stencyl exams through our eLearning portal, which is available to learners who wish to acquire official certification in Stencyl game development discipline, and to teachers, who will find everything they need to teach Stencyl game development in their classrooms, and prepare their students for the official IAI Stencyl exams.

Testing Windows

The exam portal opens for testing on the second and third weeks of April, and the first two weeks of November. All exams are held within these two testing periods, or windows. Visit our booking page to order an exam for either of the available testing periods.

Exam Cost

All exams are charged at the rate of $45 per test, per person. For example, if you had a class of 20 students taking the Stencyl Game Design Specialist exam in one of the April or November testing windows, the total cost would be $900. Payments can be made by bankwire.

Available Exams

The available exams are: